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Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Must have UI add-ons for your Runepriest

I was a bit disappointed by the  amount of add-ons available to Warhammer coming from World of Warcraft. And what really annoyed me was the inability to cast spells on mouseover targets, or to use the right, middle, fwd/backwards buttons on the mouse to cast.

Below is a quick list of all the indispensible addons I have found, roughly in order of priority:
  • Squared - Shows all group and warband members in a customisable unit frame, allows for quick overview of health to allow you to prioritise your healing targets.
  • SquaredClick - Allows you to click with your mouse on Squared to cast heals, can combine CTRL, ALT, SHIFT for more combinations.
  • Detaunt Helper - Shows the target that is DPSing you the most and allows you to cast your detaunt (50% damage reduction in PvP) on that target. See previous blog for more information on configuring this add-on.
  • NerfedButtons - Allows you to script buttons. Some people say it's too automatic and shouldn't be used. It is written inline with all the UI tools and Mythic have no issue with the add-on. I plan to post more detail about how I have configured this later.
  • NBSquared - Allows you to combine NerfedButtons functionality with Squared.
  • AutoDismount - AutoDismounts you when casting.
  • MarkBuff - Allows you to buff your group easily.
  • NoOverheal - Helps prevent casting of spells if target is on full health.
  • Res - Sends text to your chat channel when you Res a target.
All available with through Curse.

At a later date I will expand more on my UI with screenshots.

There are many more you will want to try to adjust the layout of your interface, these are the ones that I have found that I think specifically apply to the Runepriest.

Karak-Azgal EU

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  1. No overheal, mark buff and Detaunt helper?! I must get these, thanks!!