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Monday, 10 May 2010

Curable Debuffs for the Runepriest

I've been working on a list of curable debuffs for Rune of Cleansing. The purpose of this is to customize my UI so it displays when someone has a heal debuff on them, it's also lead to the discovery of some quite nasty debuffs that I'm going to have to look out for in future!

You can find the list on WarhammerAlliance on the thread Destruction Curable Debuff List. This is to take advantage of the links to WarDB when listing abilities.

To show alerts for certain effects I have been using Aura which features an import/export feature to configure it. Below is my aura to show when your target has a healing debuff that you can cure. An important distinction is that they may have a debuff you cannot cure and then it will not display. You will need to adjust the layout of the icon and size for your UI, mine currently brings up a massive red skull beneath my Squared bars.
{{'activation-alerttext':"Heal Debuff",'texture-alpha':0.50999999046326,'general-version':20507,'texture-tintg':0,'general-enabled':t,'texture-id':22718,'timer-scale':1.5,'effect-exactmatch':t,'timer-enabled':t,'effect-name':"Rotten Arrer/No More Helpin/Tainted Claw/Gork\'s Barbs\'/Black Lotus Blade/Curse of Khaine",'timer-offsetx':-170,'effect-self':f,'texture-offsety':0,'activation-alerttexttype':14,'effect-friendly':t,'general-name':"HealDebuffs - Friendly Target",'texture-scale':2.5,'activation-animation':7,'texture-offsetx':-250,'effect-stackoperator':3,'texture-circledimage':t,'texture-tintb':0}}P1

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  1. Just now found you.

    Too bad you're not in Norn, I'd heal race you for the lulz :)

    Keep up the awesome work.