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Friday, 21 May 2010

Combat Log Timestamp is Client Based

Aha! This explains those dodgy looking combat logs I've seen where I've been hit 6x by the same player and died. Maybe everyone isn't exploiting the GCD afterall:
 The bug is with our timestamps and how they are reporting to your client and not the abilities actually ignoring the GCD.  The issue at hand is that with client side lag (e.g. high graphic situations like in RvR, memory hitches, etc.) and the client talking to the server.  Because the timestamps are set on the client they can only report what they hear.  So sometimes, when you hit even a small amount of lag, the client does not update with the server right away and on the next update every packet is sent your way at once.  Simplest way to repro is to start fighting and pull the network cable out of the PC for a second and then pop it right back in.  If you have timestamps turned on you will see all the damage that was done during that period of time you were unplugged being reported at the exact same second.  The abilities are not ignoring the GCD, they are just being reported wrong in the combat log.

BryantC - WarhammerOnline Forums 06/04/09

Silly idea though, much better for the server to send timestamps in the packets... Would save the CSRs some work and people would be able to better analyse their effectiveness when parsing through the log.

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  1. Probably was done to conserve packet space; I'm sure they're always doing a cost-benefit analysis of was HAS to be transmitted over the wire (for every transaction) versus what can be computed client-side.

    I agree, it would be good if they could find a way to squeeze this data element in.