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Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Detaunt Helper - Configuring for your Runepriest

Detaunt Helper is an excellent add-on that enables you to use Rune of Preservation effectively in PVE or PVP. It can be configured using the command /dh menu.

It's default settings shows bars of the most DPS players/NPCs attacking you. These are clickable allowing you to target that enemy. For players you can assign a mouse click to cast Rune of Preservation or any other spell you desire. For NPCs this function is disabled to prevent botting but you can still cast manually after targetting.

I set the list to display only 2 bars, 5 seconds to delay expiration and unticked Reset on Detaunt.

I initially started using the bars but found that in the heat of RvR combat it was preventing me from doing other things so I looked at a way to keybind the functionality. To do this I had to install NerfedButtons and create a simple script:
/nb add 9 [Rune Of Preservation];dht:+
This adds the spell [Rune of Preservation] to hotbar key 9, and will only cast the spell if your target is equal to the Detaunt Helper Target (dht).

Now we need to use a macro to target the DHT if he/she isn't your current target. To create a macro we use the Escape menu and then select Macros:
We create a new macro, give it a title, an icon and add the following script:
/script DetauntHelper.TargetTop()

 We combine the macro to the NerfedButton with the command:
/nb macro 9 1
Where 9 is the hotbar key assigned earlier, and 1 is the macro you have created. The macros are numbered 1-x - the first macro you create will be assigned to 1, the second to 2 etc...

Finally to put the spell on a more usable key use the Escape menu to get to Key Mapping, select Hotbars and assign a key to that hotbar #. Personally I chose E which is next to my movement keys and easily accessible.

With two taps of the E key I will cast my Detaunt on the highest DPS enemy at the time. Win.

Karak-Azgal EU

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