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Sunday, 23 May 2010

Instacast Master Runes.

 1.3.6 Update - Master runes are losing their 2s cast times and actually becoming really insta-cast. No reason to stop using the keybind though as it still reduces mouseclicking. Should be able to have even higher uptime on your master runes now.

Just a quick tip of the day, as I don't see Runepriests taking advantage of their Master Runes very often:
Bind your Master Rune to the keyboard!

  I found these spells to be extremely irritating when I started my RP: having to recast every 30s; TARGET IS OUT OF RANGE; and the amount of mousemovement required. Now that it is bound to X I can double tap the button to cast it and I aim it with my second hand. This is a lot more time efficient than moving your cursor to the bar, clicking, moving it to where you want, and clicking again. When you get a dreaded out of range you will be glad you don't have to repeat that process again.

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  1. Hey there runie, nice blog you got here, added you to my blogroll.

    On the subject of master runes, I have mine bound on 5. And they should either fix the damned bug or make them instat cast. The irritation it causes me makes my runepriest lose my beard hair. :(