A Runepriest guide for Warhammer Online.


I can't tell you exactly what tactics to slot for all situations, but I can show you which ones I use more often, when and why. As such I have split up the guide into - 'Never leaves my bar', 'Often on my bar', 'Rarely on my bar', and 'Never on my bar'. I have even included a section for 'DPS tactics'. I just need to get round ot adding reasons why you won't be using the nevers. * indicates tactic is from a mastery tree.

Never leave my bar (unless DPSing)

  • Blessing of Grungni - Critical direct heals will bless your target increasing all incoming healing by 25% for 10s.
    • Not only increases your own heals on the lucky recipient by 25% it increases everyone else's.
    • Restorative Burst -  Critical direct heals will cause you to regain 40AP/3s.
      • Personally this never leaves my bar, with 32% healcrit it should proc 9/10 times when casting Blessing of Valaya (assuming all 6 members of your group are in range). 
        • Some Runepriests, especially in full sovereign gear report playing without it, probably stacking some +AP gear and having to chug AP pots every now and again. Does free up room for another tactic.
    Both of these abilities proc from Blessing of Valaya,  Grungni's Gift, Rune of Restoration, (initial) Rune of Mending, Protection of the Ancestor's and Rune of Shielding (heal component).

     Often on my bar

    • Discipline - Increases your willpower by 160. 
      • A good boost to willpower, but beware, there is a softcap to willpower at 1050. At this point you could consider dropping willpower or changing your talismans and renown talents. You can see my analysis of Discipline versus Ancestor's Echo here.
      • Ancestral Inheritance - Increases your armour by  660.
        • My base armour gives 26% physical damage reduction, adding the 660 increases my mitigation to 41% - a nice jump of 15%. This stacks with armour pots and is a great tactic to have on especially when up against choppers and witch elves. I tend to have this on for scenarios but switch for more healing power in warbands. Remember though, a dead Runepriest can't heal anything!
        • *Ancestor's Echo - Direct heals have a 25% chance to create a shield on your target that will  absorb up to 647 damage. (Procc of shield/ancestors/cleansing/adamant?)
          • I often swop this in my last spot in warbands to help increase the effectivenes of my heals. You can see my comparison with Discipline here which also goes into more depth about the benefits and disadvantages of this ability.
          • Sundered Motion - Reduces Rune of Sundering's cooldown to 20s. Also applies a 40% snare to all those hit for 10s. 
            • This is a good situational tactic, that if used effectively can increase your survivability. I like to pop this in for some scenarios and it can be useful in stage 2 city siege to stall the enemy champions.
          • Subtelty - All of your heals will cause enemy monsters to hate you 25% less than normal.
            • I always slot this tactic for PVE. I haven't been brave enough to replace it yet on any hard bosses but you may wish to slot a DPS tactic for TOVL bosses 5 and 8 instead.

          Rarely on my bar
              • Regenerative Shielding -  Each tick of Rune of Regeneration has a 25% chance to increase the target's armour by 1056 and reduce armour penetration against the target by 10%.
                • Unfortunatly this ability doesn't stack with armour pots or Mountain Spirit. If you are already running with a pot you only gain 400 armour and the reduced penetration. Statistically it won't proc at all in 23% of cases. You might want to consider it if you are a heavy Rune of Regeneration spammer but it doesn't help any of our other abilities.
              • Cleansing Vitality - Rune of Cleansing will now heal the defensive target for 582 over 9 seconds if an effect was successfully removed.
                • You could slot this if you cleanse a lot. The heal component increases with your willpower and means you heal whilst you cleanse. Unfortunatly cleanse is too unreliable so it is a less used ability. 
              • *Ancestor's Blessing -  Healing abilities have a 25% chance to also increase your target's AP by 50. This effect will not work on yourself.
                • Useful for a group of heavy AP users, more beneficial in PVE than PVP though.

              DPS Tactics
              Divine Fury, Potent Runes, Swift Runes, *Rune of Nullification, *Runic Blasting, *Immolating Grasp, *Concussive Runes, *Extended Battle.

              Never on my bar  - Remember these could come in useful for VERY situational purposes. E.g. 1-1 or certain PVE bosses.

              Stoutness of Stone, Stubborness, On Your Feet!, Thick-Skulled, *Earth's Shielding, *Efficient Runecarving (changes in 1.3.6).