A Runepriest guide for Warhammer Online.

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

The Beginnings...

I've been playing MMOs since Dark Age of Camelot, back on Prydwen. Initially starting out as an infiltrator I moved on to a cleric.

When World of Warhammer arrived, I signed up to the US servers and levelled up the first 60 priest on the server. With the EU release I moved over creating a warrior, but then fell back to being a priest. I've had 3 different max level priests in WoW over the years as I stopped playing for one reason or another and started over. 

I've had server firsts in Naxxaramus and in the Burning Crusade sunwell, and have always enjoyed a healing role in PVE and PVP. I like to feel I play to the top of my game and have enjoyed all the theorycrafting websites available for WoW.

I recently moved to Warhammer Online to try something new, Runepriest seemed to be the most like my playstyle and I'm enjoying levelling up so far. Unfortunatly there just isn't the information out there to support play to the level I want. I've struggled to find the details I need to configure my UI and to prioritise my healing efficiently so I hope this blog will result in a guide/faq to other Runepriests out there.

Karak-Azgal EU

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  1. Eyup! Welcome aboard Aezelbeth. I heard about your blog on Grimnir's Grudge.

    I've recently resub and recreated my Dawi on Karak-Azgal EU. I decided to try out a Runepriest (I'm a confessed Altholic - and proud of it!), he's still a young one but a lot of fun.

    I played DAoC as well (Albion - Prydwen), but I retired just before ToA.

    I've added you to my blogroll.