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Thursday, 26 August 2010

Planned changes to Rune of Breaking/Harbinger Mechanic

We'll be making some changes in with next Tuesday's maintenance to RoB and HoD:

  • We'll be reducing the cooldown on both abilities. Now 20s cooldown.
  • Stats will now exchange on a 1:1 ratio.
  • Fixing an issue where HoD and RoB wouldnt persist through death
We're still looking into the issue where the vfx is bugging out.

We're going to continue to observe how the mechanic plays out in a live envinronment and will continue adjusting as needed moving forward.

Andy Belford

Quite a drastic change, should make the mechanic much more interesting to play with now! It's a very brave thing to do on the live version, it's a shame they didn't play around and adjust it on the test servers when they had the chance.

This should also make Conqueror/Invader sets much more viable for those levelling up.


  1. Yeah, but this is still only quasi-hybrid mechanic. We can't switch tactics, and morales, useless. :S

  2. Well, it wouldn't be a well designed/balanced if they allow a class to switch min/maxed healing (best gear+tactics) and min/max dmg , right?
    It is a hybrid mechanic, just different.
    Instead of choosing tactics that
    buff just your healing
    or just your dmg
    they want us to pick tactics that are bases the same statetype like crits for example.

    Lets asume you choose
    restorative burst, BoG, and nullification
    as new tactics

    you would give up a healing or survivability tactic and get the chance to to AoE debuff thanks do your high base healcrit.

    While it might be not worth it for most of us (less healing or survivability in a a game with such a low TTK?) but the idea isn't flawed by default.

  3. I'm a bit disappointed the cooldown is only 20s, was hoping for 10s or less.

    I don't have to carry around a DPS set anymore, and I have a feeling I might be able to push out some cheeky damage at times.

    Lower ranked Runepriests will find conqueror and invader gear much more viable to wear.

  4. @Marvin: The problem with Hybrids is and always has been that they are the jack of all trades, master of none, so it's very hard to balance them. They are either underpowered and not a threat/addition to the team or beasts in solo and group play.

    With a career having 4 tactic and morale slots, you'll be either giving up a damn lot to be able to play a hybrid (effectively having 2 slots for each stance) or playing a limited utility bot, as you outlined with your crit spec. You might provide some unexpected utility, but not nearly enough to justify a slot in a group. Or to be a threat when solo.

    If they really want us to go down this hybrid path they should have revamped the tactics and morales aswell. Atm we don't really have many that would be ambiguous in use, and this limits our abilities to do dps or heal.

    I've pretty much given up on my RP, mainly because if I want to heal, other careers do it better together with having better options when it comes to dpsing.

  5. Bar complaints about the cooldown (which is my main gripe as with a 5s cooldown we could stance dance a bit and add the mechanic to our rotations), what do people think of the 1:1 conversion?

    On my lowbie RP seems to make a significant difference for soloing.

  6. the 1:1 conversion is op. soft capped on willpower with out even trying. some of the lotd glyphs(ironically the worst ones of the set)are now unbelieveabley good.