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Thursday, 22 July 2010

1.3.6 Patchnotes - Runepriest Changes

 Here is the Runepriest section of the patch notes. Public test servers are up so get on and try them out. Don't forget to customize your appearance!

Balance Changes:
Due to the nature of the changes in this update, all Runepriests have had their Mastery and Renown training refunded. Please visit a trainer to relearn these abilities.
* Efficient Runecarving: This Tactic will now heal your defensive target for 50% of all direct damage dealt. This should say it only works when under the effects of Rune of Breaking.

* Master Rune of Adamant: Increased the Action Point cost of this ability and removed the build time.
* Master Rune of Fury: Increased the Action Point cost of this ability and removed the build time.
* Master Rune of Speed: Increased the Action Point cost of this ability and removed the build time.
The AP increase is to 35 on the PTS. An increase of 10.
* Rune of Breaking: This new toggled ability is available at Rank 1. While toggled off, this ability converts several damage-oriented stats on items (Intelligence, Magic Power, and Magic Crit Chance) into their healing-oriented counterparts (Willpower, Healing Power, and Healing Crit Chance) at 50% of the original values. When toggled on, it will do the opposite, and convert the same healing-oriented stats on gear into their damage-oriented counterparts at 50% of the original values.
Bug Fixes:
* Grimnir's Shield: Fixed an issue in which this ability did not correctly reduce all incoming damage types.

Well, what can I say, couple of unexpected changes...
  • The Efficient Runecarving came out of nowhere but could be a decent change to a mediocre tactic. Unfortunatly it doesn't work with Rune of Burning, which makes it a bit of a weird tactic, especially in the DOT/HOT line. It does stack fully with Rune of Fortune - but you have to be in Rune of Breaking to use it. I don't know why they added this restriction to the ability..?
  • Instacast master runes makes them easier to use, but with a 10AP increase. 
  • Fixing Grimnir's Shield is a  good thing, although I don't know what was wrong with it in the first place!
  • Rune of Breaking gives a nice glow effect on our hands! I'm not sure if I really want this change to be implemented at the moment, I'm not really happy with it. 
  • Sovereign DPS set bonus been reduced to 7% (from 10) increased crit for  the 7piece set.
Other things of note:
Sovereign Set Changes
Hierophant's Grace: This proc buff will now hasten casting speed by 25%.
Change of armour appearance and weapons as well as customization.
Increased Renown for being outnumbered in the lakes.
LOTD for 32+ only.
No more auto assist on addons.

Sovereign Healing Set:

Sovereign DPS Set:

Armour Appearance Changing:

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  1. Thanks for the blog, it's been a massively useful set of information on playing a rune priest (Just come back to Warhammer after a year's absence, and started a Rune Priest).