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Monday, 28 June 2010

GOA -> Mythic Servers Happening Tomorrow! (Tuesday 28 June)

Not Runepriest related but important enough to get the word out there:

Tomorrow (Tuesday) GOA will be sending our server data to Mythic. No more progress on your character will be saved after that although they are allowing you to 'play for free' until July 6th. Aren't they generous?

It looks like Mailbox and Auction data won't transfer so it is recommended that you empty these slots before then.

GOA in their eternal incompetance haven't bothered to email these details out to subscribers yet so expect some unhappy and shocked fans. Especially if they continue to play oblivious...

Why they couldn't have planned for a higher uptime is beyond me, I'm sure someone could drive the servers to the datacentre in Germany and turn them on in less than a day! Bah I know it's more complicated than that but to me it'st taking the cheap, rushed way out.

You can find naff all information on the website here.

You can find far more useful information on the mythic website here.


At least we get two weeks free subscription afterwards. 

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